What's New? Plenty!!!

Monarch Butterfly field


We are adding a half acre of milkweed and butterfly weed and other plants to help the Monarch trek across the country.

Pollinator Field


Instead of using chemicals to kill the existing grass and weeds, we are doing "solarization", putting down sheets of plastic and letting the sun do the work.  Then we will plant flowers for all the different pollinators. Next year should be beautiful to see.

Pave paradise put up a parking lot


A necessary evil. We have been growing and need a place to put the cars.  This will hopefully make traffic flow safer.

More later


Ah, family.

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Sunset on the farm.  Our favorite pass time; sitting on the point watching the evening colors after a full days work.

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I just love this picture of some trees on the farm.  I call them Spirit Trees.

I just love these trees on my farm.  I call them Spirit Trees.