Glass Workshops

Is this something I can do?


We have had folks as young as 5 and as old as 88 (so far) come out and give this a try.  Algar Dole (gaffer) has been doing this for over 30 years and been partnered up with the farm for over 20 years.  He now has a small glass shop at our farm where he instructs short workshops (1 - 3 hours) several times a year.  His beautiful glass-workings are displayed and sold in our gallery. 

Upcoming Workshops


Who: Anyone age 13 and up who is interested in learning a new craft or exploring a hands-on experience may participate.
No prior experience is needed.

What: This 5-day course will go over basic safety and instruction of glassblowing. Each student will go through the process of creating several items and learning basic skills such as gathering from the furnace, hot sculpting, blowing, and cold-working techniques. Actual projects will vary from class to class but may include items such as paperweights, spheres, cylinders, & beakers. No prior experience is needed.

When: 5pm to 8 pm Monday through Friday. Oct 7-11, 2019

Cost: $350 per person. 2 Participants required to open a class session. If class fills to 4 participants, a $50 discount will be refunded on first day of class. 

Types of Workshops and Pricing



Glass Workshops - Mini's

Oct 5-19. 2019

Gather up some friends, family, co-workers, Scouts...and take a glass blowing lesson.  Class slots are available  every hour from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Registration required: @ 931 980-3985 or

Blow an Ornament (ages 5 and up) $20. You select colors and style, but Gaffer does the work and you get to blow air in the pipe. 

Glass Workshops: (ages 13 and up) You will handle the pipe, pick up colors, fuse them in the furnace, shape and/or blow depending on the project.

Workshop Prices:

Make 1 ornament $35; 

Make 2 ornaments $60 - you get a little better and more comfortable;

 Make 4 ornaments $110 - now you're cooking. 

Egg $35. 

Paperweight $50;

 Pumpkin $60;

 Flower $35; 

Memorial Glass


Losing a loved one is difficult.  You can encapsulate a bit of their ashes in glass. Shown is a hanging disk but you can also select a heart or paperweight.  $50

Who Should Sign Up?


Just about anyone. We have had home school, Scouts, and team building groups.  We make it educational and fun, often adding a walking tour of the farm for groups.  Everyone is welcomed to enjoy our farm while they are here!

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What do I wear?  No open toed shoes. Cotton clothes are best, keep away from poly or nylon.  

Do I have to make an appointment?  Yes. Workshops are by appointment only.  Call/text Linda 931 980-3985 or linda.hamm@hughes.nest


Do you take credit cards?  Yes, we accept credit cards and cash