Glass Workshops

Is this something I can do?

We have had folks as young as 5 and as old as 88 (so far) come out and give this a try.  Algar Dole (gaffer) has been doing this for over 30 years and been partnered up with the farm for over 20 years.  He now has a small glass shop at our farm where he instructs short workshops (1 - 3 hours) several times a year.  His beautiful glass-workings are displayed and sold in our gallery. 

Upcoming Workshops

Glass Workshops

Nov 26-Dec 7, Mon - Fri 

Gather up some friends, family, co-workers, Scouts...and take a glass blowing lesson.  Class slots are available  from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Pre-Register @ 931 980-3985 or

Blow an Ornament

(First come, First Served)

Nov 23,24,25, Dec 1,2,8 & 9 (these dates only)

While you are out getting a tree, you can sign up day of, in the gallery to blow an ornament.  Time slots fill up quickly! 

No Pre-Register

Types of Workshops and Pricing


Blow an Ornament (ages 5 and up) $20. You select colors and style, but Gaffer does the work and you get to blow air in the pipe. 

Glass Workshops: (ages 14 and up) You will handle the pipe, pick up colors, fuse them in the furnace, shape and/or blow depending on the project.

Workshop Prices:

Make 1 ornament $35; Make 2 ornaments $60 - you get a little better and more comfortable; Make 4 ornaments $110 - now you're cooking. Paperweight $50; Pumpkin $60; Flower $35; Egg $50

Memorial Glass

Losing a loved one is difficult.  You can encapsulate a bit of their ashes in glass. Shown is a hanging orb but you can also select a heart or paperweight.  $50

Who Should Sign Up?

Just about anyone. We have had home school, Scouts, and team building groups.  We make it educational and fun, often adding a walking tour of the farm for groups.  Everyone is welcomed to enjoy our farm while they are here!

Display their FAQs

What do I wear?  No open toed shoes. Cotton clothes are best, keep away from poly or nylon.  

Do I have to make an appointment?  Workshops are by appointment only.  "Blow a Ornament" is first come first serve. 


Do you take credit cards?  Yes, we accept credit cards and cash