Algar Dole

About the Artist

Algar Dole is an off-hand blown glass artisan. Algar has studied in Seattle, Washington and Corning, New York with Josh Simpson, Milton Townsend and Ralph Mossman, with private lessons from Alan Goldfarb, in addition to demonstrations and lectures from David Levi and Sam Stang.

Algar also has extensive experience in the construction of hot shop and glass fusing equipment and studios. His Italian Techniques include Ballerino, Filligrano, Latticino, Reticello, Incalmo, Dupio Incalmo, Novecento, Pennellate and Primavera.

Glassblowing Demonstrations

If you have ever wondered how glass is blown now you can watch, and learn, from artist Algar Dole, using techniques that have been around since the first century (BCE).
Here at Erin's Farm, we are very proud to be able to offer this unique opportunity. Not only can you watch how glass is blown but you can also create your own unique ornament with the artist's help and have a special family keepsake for a small fee. No reservations necessary.

If you've been to the farm during tree season, you've probably seen the delicate ornaments and icicles. Now you can watch them being made first hand!
Algar Dole will offer classes again in 2018, so check the Calendar of Events for dates and times.

Feel free to contact us if you want to reserve a spot in a future class. Space will be limited!