Glass Blowing Classes

Glass Blowing

Glass blowing has been around for over 2000 years. It involves the inflation of a ball of molten glass (parison) by carefully introducing a small amount of air through a blow-pipe into what is, essentially, a liquid.  A person a blows glass is called a “Gaffer”.  The Gaffer at Erin’s Farm is an artist by the name of Algar Dole. You can learn more about him by clicking here: About the Artist

Now Available: Memorial Glass infused with cremation ash, in paperweights, hanging orbs and hearts! 

Glass Blowing Workshops for June, 2018

Ages 5 and up can learn about glass blowing, try their hands at the ancient craft and blow an egg, ornament, pumpkin and more. Session times vary by the number of folks in a class but are generally 1-2 hours. Here are the descriptions of the courses. (You are also invited to come out and watch the process!)

Blow an Ornament! – Ages 5 and up. $20. You select the colors. Algar (the gaffer) will shape it, gather the color and you get to blow the ornament. ornament.

Make 4 Ornaments – $110. Same as Make an Egg, but you make 4 and get more comfortable with the process.

Make a Flower – $35 – You will select your colors and pick them up with the molten glass and reheat the glass. You will then use the tools to pull the glass to form the pedals.

Make a Pumpkin – $50.You will pick-up color, such as green, orange or yellow mix, then reheat in the furnace.. You will then blow the glass into the optic mold.(this makes the ribs of the pumpkin) You will powder the bubble with burnt sienna, this will give the rib color, you will then blow it to its final form. The pumpkin will then be knocked off in a warming can and you get to make the stem.

Make a Paperweight – $50 You will pick up the colors onto the molten glass, then using a tool, poke the colors into the glass. You will shape it with the wooden ladle.

All items take a day in the oven to slowly cool down, so they will not be ready for pickup until the next day. The paper weight takes 2 days because the bottom needs to be ground flat. There is an additiona small fee for shipping.

These sessions are also great for families, friends, scouts, church groups, etc.

Call, text or email to set up a day and time 931-980-3985


Dates and hours open for reserving your session:

June 5-10 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

We have a lovely farm, so if you have time, feel free to sit, watch a sunset, visit, picnic, hike.

Call, text or email to set up a day and time 931-980-3985